How to Have an Effective Board Meeting

A productive board meeting is a critical aspect of effective governance. The Board of Directors meets to discuss and decide on company-critical issues, to ensure that the organization is headed in the right directions. It may be difficult however there are simple guidelines to follow that will allow you to have productive meetings and take effective decisions.

It is important to prepare beforehand and share the agenda with everyone prior to the meeting. A clear agenda will define the most important topics and allocate appropriate amounts of time for each discussion. This will prevent meetings from drifting off-topic, becoming a slog in repetition, or becoming an event where only one or two people to contribute, instead of an inclusive discussion among the all members of the Board.

Prioritize two issues to be addressed in every meeting. This is a typical best method to help focus discussions and limit the number of items to be reviewed during the meeting. It also allows for discussion and a decision our website to take place around each issue, instead of just updates. The board book allows for easy sharing of updates, and a little time can be devoted to them during the meeting.

Make clear the process for making decisions. This will ensure that all participants are on the same page, and that they are all aware of the decision-making process. It also sets expectations for the types of discussions that will be held during the meeting, for example, finding common ground and examining all viewpoints or resolving differences by voting.