3 Strong Argumentative Essay Examples, Analyzed

Second, it is incredibly narrow-minded to assume that the only service libraries offer is book lending. Libraries have a multitude of benefits, and many are only available if the library has a physical location. Similarly, a Pew survey conducted in 2015 found that nearly two-thirds of American adults feel that closing their local library would have a major impact on their community. People see libraries as a way to connect with others and get their questions answered, benefits tablets can’t offer nearly as well or as easily. Do plenty of research until you have enough data to support each of your main points. Feel free to cite other sources or studies to improve your credibility as well.

  1. This is a pacy, fun activity to get a lively conversation going in a manner that apes the popular speed dating format – but with a more virtuous intent!
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  3. Thus, higher education can get the necessary experience in addition to theoretical knowledge.
  4. By having specific data to rely on, the author’s argument is stronger and readers will be more inclined to agree with it.

Below are a collection of student writing samples of discussions. Click on the image to enlarge and explore them in greater detail. Please take a moment to read them in detail, and the teacher and student guide highlight some of the critical elements of discussions to consider before writing. Using time connectives is an excellent way for students to organize their information. Adverbs of time, such as firstly, secondly, next, then etc. and phrases such as, in addition to, therefore etc., can help students structure their information chronologically and coherently. After the student has laid out the topic in their introduction by providing the necessary background information, it is time for the student to consider laying out the case for the argument. The beauty of incorporating discussion and argument into the classroom is that you can quickly build your lessons around the student’s interests.

How to write an Argumentative Essay

Introduction, which clearly presents your thesis, sets up the rest of the essay, and maybe even adds a little intrigue. Lipovetsky, how many pages should an essay be in appearance, is not really worried about the repercussion that the global screen may have on social constructs.

  1. Your second, third, and fourth paragraphs are your body, where you present your arguments and evidence, as well as refute opposing arguments.
  2. For every point you make, make sure you have facts to back it up.
  3. The best argumentative essays include ethical, logical, and moral reasoning.
  4. Are they a definable group–disinterested observers, opponents of your point of view, etc.?
  5. You just need to write short phrases that will put everything in order.
  6. Unlike persuasive writing, this one shouldn’t rely on the emotional aspect when trying to convince the audience.
  7. Listed below are some phrases that will help your reader differentiate between evidential statements and the conclusions that you draw from them.

Don’t forget to outline your essay before you start to write, this way you are able to structure your work and make sure that all the important points are included. Following a structure is the first step towriting a sound argumentative text, an essential practice in the process of learning any new language such as English. To properly organise a text, you will need to work on learning the essential vocabulary as well asdeveloping your communication skillsin the language concerned. Naturally, when writing, we can all make grammatical and technical mistakes, which is why you should always proofread your essay before submitting it.

Argumentative Essay Infographic

When structuring your essay, place the part where you address their views after your argumentation. Try to think of several reasons you’d want to be on the other side of the discussion and list them. You must tell the reader about YOUR perspective on the matter and how YOU see things developing.

what is argumentative paragraph

Started in 1955, it had a goal of eliminating malaria in Africa within the next ten years. Based upon previously successful programs in Brazil and the United States, the program focused mainly on vector control. This included widely distributing chloroquine https://huongsac.vn/essay/how-to-identify-the-topic-controlling-idea-in-a/ and spraying large amounts of DDT. More than one billion dollars was spent trying to abolish malaria. However, the program suffered from many problems and in 1969, WHO was forced to admit that the program had not succeeded in eradicating malaria.

sample argumentative essay

Spencer holds a bachelor’s of literature and a bachelor’s of environmental studies from the University of California Santa Cruz. Certain statements on both sides are directly rebuffed in order to show where the strengths and weaknesses of each side lie and give a more complete and sophisticated look at the argument. Additionally, the widespread use of chloroquine has created drug resistant parasites which are now plaguing Sub-Saharan Africa. As a result, newer, more expensive drugs need to be used to prevent and treat malaria, which further drives up the cost of malaria treatment for a region that can ill afford it. This is an argument by Sherry Turkle, who beautifully presented it in the first person plural dialogues.

what is argumentative paragraph

The third model by Carl Rogers has different perspectives having proof to support and a conclusion based on all the available perspectives. Its structure comprises an introduction with a thesis, the opposite point of view and claim, a middle-ground for both or more perspectives, and a conclusion. In form, it includes six main areas, but you’re what does controlling idea mean free to organize them in whatever order works best for your essay. Keep in mind that your claim can itself be a rebuttal of another argument, so your entire essay could be disproving another thesis rather than presenting your own. When you are through the writing stage, you need to rest to go back to your argumentative essay with a fresh mind.

Distinguishing Between Reasons and Conclusions

You should also remember that in this step, it is more important to write and fill in the gaps than to have a perfect version immediately. Finally, Myrtle will end her essay with a conclusion, which will include a restatement of her position and a brief summary of her reasons and counters. By providing counters, too, Myrtle is defeating arguments from the other side, which makes her essay even more convincing. By offering how to present a quote these reasons, Myrtle has made her letter more convincing. She can take this even further, however, by supporting her reasons with evidence, or facts and data that support reasons. For example, remember that one of Myrtle’s reasons is that a later curfew will allow her to study at the library for longer. Maybe she has scientific articles that show that studying at the library is more effective than studying at home.

Body paragraphs are used to introduce argumentative points that support the position of an argumentative essay. Argumentative points should be supported by factual evidence collected from authoritative sources. Evidence that contradicts the position of an argumentative essay should be explained and acknowledged in order to demonstrate a complex understanding of the topic under discussion. The argumentative essay’s introduction should also contextualize the subject being discussed. Explore the format further and read tips on how to write an argumentative essay. Because proof is key to argumentative essays, set aside ample time for research until you have all the support you need. It’s also a good time to outline your essay, answering questions like when and how to discuss opposing viewpoints.

Religious Topics

You should use the basic structure we mentioned before as a template and insert your claims and pieces of evidence in it. You just need to write short phrases that will put everything in order. This outline will guide you during the next step, the actual writing process. Pros and Cons involve students making a list of a given topic’s pro and con arguments. This is often best done in small groups where the students can brainstorm together and bounce ideas off one another.

  1. She thinks that she might be able to convince her parents to extend her curfew if she makes a sound argument.
  2. The final paragraph of an argumentative essay restates the thesis, summarizes the reasons that support the thesis, and ends with a strong statement about the topic.
  3. If you are wondering what the main key to writing a brilliant argumentative essay is, it’s worth saying that overall success depends on many factors.
  4. In other words, argumentative essays favor quantitative support, while persuasive essays favor qualitative support.
  5. The structure of an argumentative essay follows a standard format of an introduction, followed by three argumentative points introduced in three separate body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  6. After the introduction, Myrtle will want to write three paragraphs that, collectively, will make up the body of the essay.
  7. After the student has laid out the topic in their introduction by providing the necessary background information, it is time for the student to consider laying out the case for the argument.

All your efforts will be in vain if you do not proofread the paper. You may use a quotation, provide statistics, or address the audience directly by asking a question. And while this is a vital step on your way to a perfectly written essay, there is no need to sugarcoat it – choosing good argumentative https://www.mercuri.com.mx/2023/01/17/what-it-means-to-be-an-american-essay/ topics can be rather hard. The Rogerian argument allows recognizing the existence of opposing opinions before you introduce your own claim. This type of argument aims to find a compromise between the two sides. Thus, the author should work towards a balanced view discussing any controversial issue.

Argumentative Essay Examples

At this stage, you may consider differentiation; you may wish to match students with other students of equal ability or with a stronger one as support. Either way, students discuss the topic with their partners for a predetermined number of minutes. The length of time will be dictated by the students’ ages and abilities. Experiment to find the most suitable length of time for your class. Everyone loves a laugh, and a joke can provide an excellent in to the student’s writing. But, encourage your students to be careful here; the suitability of a humorous opening will largely depend on the topic being discussed. As jokes may not always be appropriate to the material, they must be used wisely.

This might not be a point of view that you believe in or agree with, but in an argumentative paragraph you still need to write about it. Writing an argumentative paragraph, alternatively called a persuasive paragraph, is something that English writers need to master, especially ESL writers. Organizing Your Argumentative ParagraphThe organization of an argumentative paragraph is similar to an expository paragraph, but a persuasive paragraph how long is a 1000 word essay includes a COUNTERARGUMENT. Finally, college and university graduates are more likely to get the desired job and eventually earn more. Bureau of Labor Statistics claims, the salaries of people with a formal degree tend to be higher than those of non-graduates. Most organizations set higher education as a requirement for their vacancies. This means that employers value people with qualifications and recognize the importance of education.

Guides and Info on the Argumentative Essay

But even in those circumstances there would be willing people, and even with the uncontrollable urge to scream and free themselves. Being the basis that gives credibility to the text, they are essential for essays and academic, journalistic or scientific texts in general. Excellent Proofreading and Writing Facebook page to ask me any questions. Grammar rules before you start to write, and the writing part will be much smoother. End the paragraph by restating the main point and highlighting why your point of view is the best and correct one. But the main idea will be your argument or your side of the argument. Your CLAIM should consider the opposing argument and provide a REASON why you believe your CLAIM.

what is argumentative paragraph

This simple structure serves you well in a pinch, especially for timed essays that are part of a test. However, advanced essays require more detailed structures, especially if they have a length requirement of over five paragraphs. The presence of argumentative paragraphs in a text is essential for the veracity and makes it more convincing, building a complete and coherent text. A persuasive paragraph will be built around one main idea, like you are when writing a paragraph.

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