Free Software Download

You can download a wide assortment of free software on the internet. This allows you to run a variety software on your Windows or MAC device. The software ranges from simple educational games that can be used to teach kids to more advanced computer games written by aspiring game creators. Free software is available for educational, personal or for business use. You can also use the software to make your computer run faster.

Be cautious when downloading free software from the internet. Some sites bundle their freeware together with spyware and adware which can damage your computer. Be sure to read reviews about the website prior to downloading.

One of the best places to search for free software is FileHippo. It offers a wide selection of free downloads, including versions of both the old and the new version of popular software. It is organized by operating system, making it easy to find the program you are seeking. It has a section with the most current version for each program, as well as links to older programs and change logs.

History Clean 3.0 allows you to remove the history tracks off your Windows PC. This includes Windows Media Player, recent documents, search history, and run history. Windows Explorer folders and drives are also included. This is a good way to increase your privacy and keep your computer free of clutter.