Antivirus Apps Offer Extra Security Features

Antivirus apps help keep your smartphone free of malware and other threats, however many of them also provide additional features that can help increase your smartphone’s security. Some of these features include the ability to manage passwords to secure your login credentials, VPN functionality for enhanced privacy and security and tools to help locate or remotely wipe out stolen smartphones.

The majority of antivirus services will regularly scan your phone to search for signs of malware which could have infected the device. Typically, they conduct these checks according to the schedule you decide to set and will notify you when any threats are detected. They will also examine your Wi-Fi connections to make sure that you’re not connecting with unsecure networks that could expose your personal information to attackers.

Some antiviruses may have extra features, such as anti-theft protection or a phone blocker, based on the service provider. Kaspersky, for example, offers a feature which can capture three images of the person who is trying to gain access to your device. It also permits you to lock or wipe it remotely. Other companies have system tune-up tools that can clean up junk files and increase the speed of your device and some even have a tool that can alert you to dangerous apps or settings.

You can assess how well your phone is secured by analyzing the ranking of independent testing laboratories. Some of these rankings are based upon the number of threats detected, while others consider things like how quickly the service detects threats and removes them. Some services also go above and beyond by providing features such as the money back guarantee and 24/7 customer assistance.

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